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DIY Wash

  • Pre-Soak - applied at low pressure to loosen soil and road film. 
  • Tyre & Engine Cleaner - applied at low pressure, it contains solvents that loosen grease and dirt accumulations on engines and tyres. 
  • High Pressure Soap - a warm detergent solution applied at high pressure. The powerful spray removes the road film loosened by the pre-soak. 
  • Foam Brush - a soft hog-hair brush lubricated with detergent foam that removes heavy accumulations of dirt and road grime.
  • High Pressure Rinse - clean rinse water applied at high pressure to remove the remaining detergent solution from the vehicle.
  • Wax - A water-emulsified sealer applied after the high pressure rinse to help seal the finish and deter road film build up. Applied at either high or low pressure, it should be followed by a high pressure rinse to remove excess - especially from glass surfaces.
  • Underbody Wash- a corrision inhibitor spray system which assist in the prevention of destructive corrosion it's applied by 18 high pressure 
    nozzles which are located in the grate beneath the car. 
  • Spot-Free Rinse - a final clear water rinse applied at low pressure. It uses water that has been treated, by reverse osmosis, to remove most 
    of the dissolved solids that cause spotting when the water dries.

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